dal 1800 verso il futuro,
Since the 1800s, towards
the future, on a racing bike.
The beginning of an era
The history of Drali Racing Starts at the time of Carlo Drali, Giuseppe’s father, when he met Edoardo Bianchi who put him in charge of the racing team. That was where Carlo met the professionals of his time: Girardengo, Olmi, Aspisi and the pistard Bergomi and preparation of their racing bikes.
A special collaboration
Once the Drali brand was set up, that same passion was applied to the new company, which debuted in 1933 with the Drali Cup-interrupted in 1940 because of WWII.

When Fausto Coppi was hired by Bianchi, Carlo and his young son Peppino were responsible for preparing the first bike for the great champion. And it was with that bike that he would go on to win the Sanremo in1946.


The “specialissime” bikes (“extremely special” in Italian) started inserting themselves in the early 1960s in the amateur market. So much so that they became the official bikes of the Sporting Club Genova and of teams of the time, such as KIMSA and BONI.

In the 1970s, when the Bianchi racing department was closed, Drali became the official supplier for athletes who wanted a custom-made bicycle.
The new “racing teams”
The activity of the racing department was born again in 2018 Steel Drali came about, a team dedicated to fixed gear races with bespoke joints/lugs.

Out of this knowledge the company’s dedication to road competitions flourished again and in 2019 it gave rise to Drali Milano, in partnership with Team Asnaghi and Asnaghi Gran Fondo.
A bicycle has a soul.
If you can love it
she’ll make you feel thing
you’ll never forget